Awkward Years Project Encourages Us All to Celebrate Our Awkward School Photos

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Unless you were one of the very lucky few to have perfect teeth, hair and skin in school then you probably had some hang ups when you were younger. The dreaded thought that photos capturing those years exist makes the struggle all too real and harder to put in the past.

This new project called The Awkward Years Project on Tumblr has decided to put a positive spin on those bad haircuts, zits and braces by allowing people to embrace their awkward school photos.

The series features adults holding up the most awkward childhood photo they have. The project aims to make "people to be proud of who they’ve become." As well as reminding kids now that it's all a part of growing up.

awkward school photos 1

Then: 13 years old, 7th grade, Herndon, VA

Now: 32 years old, Communications Manager for the Utah Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, residing in Salt Lake City, UT

awkward school photos 2

Then: 12 years old, 6th Grade, Taylorsville, UT

Now: 28 years old, International Model, as well as a Policy & Procedure Analyst at Discover Financial Services, residing in South Jordan, UT

awkward school photos 3

Then: 11 years old, Taylorsville, Utah

Now: 28 years old, lives in Murray, Utah and is a Stay-at-home-mom and Hairdresser.

awkward school photos 4

Then: 19 years old, St. George, Utah.

Now: 38 years old, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Research Development Chef for Duffin Concepts.

awkward school photos 5

Then: 8 years old, Bath, England

Now: 39 years old, live in Salt Lake City, Utah and works as a Freelance Arts writer.

awkward school photos 6

Then: 10 years old, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Now: 32 years old, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Small Business owner and Part Time Photographer.

awkward school photos 7

Then: 11 years old, 5th grade, in Billings, MT.

Now: 35 years old, UX Designer residing in Salt Lake City, UT


Then: 12 years old, 6th grade, Salt Lake City, UT

Now: 41 years old, Paralegal residing in Salt Lake City, UT

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Then: 13 years old, Elkhart, Indiana

Now: 28 years old, Data Infrastructure & Visualization Manager residing in Salt Lake City, Utah

How do your school photos compare?

source: tumblr