This Girl Takes A Selfie Everyday for 6 Years, While Battling Depression

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We love a selfie here on Blazepress and they're a common occurrence on the site, but this ones a bit special.

Young YouTuber and British film student Rebecca Brown photographed her face everyday for 6 and a half years, from the ages of 14-21.

She's now compiled more than 2100 photos into a 4 minute long video which documents her battle with depression, anxiety, and an impulse control disorder, a form of OCD, known as trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is the compulsive urge to pull out (and in some cases, eat) one's own hair leading to noticeable hair loss.

Brown says she'll continue the project for as long as possible.

Turn on the annotations to see what photo corresponds to the year it was taken.