Guy Who Talks to Tigers Is the Best Thing You Can Watch on Vine

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Unless a vine is above average in terms of creativeness and originality it can all get a bit too repetitive. The answer to this problem is Tigers. This guy talks to tigers and its the coolest thing you can watch right now on Vine.

There is Serena the Tiger.

The man behind these awesome Vines is Derek Kahn. Working at the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) in Bridgeport, Texas, he posts awesome Vines of just some of the 50 animals that live there. Snow leopards, mountain lions, African lions and tigers. You name it, he's Vined it.

Krahn has gained over 400k followers on his Vine account BigCatDerek.

Milo the leopard.

Melita the singing tiger.

Tabula the lion.

There are plenty of meaningful conversations to be had.

To everyones surprise the center recently welcomed the arrival of three adorable lion cubs. Zuberi, Jelani, and Araali.

And here is the super proud father.

Despite his awesome vines he is under no illusions. Krahn knows that these animals are still natural predators.

Damn these lions are awesome.

Krahn certainly has one of the coolest yet scariest jobs going.

h/t buzzfeed