J.K Rowling Has Just Wrote Another Harry Potter Short Story


Harry Potter fans rejoice, J.K Rowling has been weaving her magic by putting pen to paper once again, the story can be read on Rowling's website 'Pottermore'. You'll need to be signed in to the website for the link to direct you to the story. You can also read it on Today.com without being signed in.

This new short story is written as a newspaper article by bitchy gossip journalist character Rita Skeeter who has appeared in previous stories, Rita covers the Quidditch World cup that is meant to coincide with the football World Cup in Brazil.

It re-visits a 34 year old Harry with greying hair attending the World Cup with his now-wife Ginny and their children, it also covers a slightly less well aged Ron Weasley with his wife Hermione.


Rowling gives many interesting hints into Harry's new life, including a rather interesting cut over his cheekbone which signifies his membership of a top-secret group of wizards called the Aurors. We wont give anything else away for all you hardcore Potter-Heads out there, but make sure you give it a read and tell us what you think.

via Buzzfeed