The 13 Most Expensive eBay Auctions Ever


Ebay has become the place to go to either buy things you want or sell items you no longer need. They have power sellers on Ebay that are essentially small businesses or companies, but the people that brought these 13 expensive items should have their own title, Power Buyers.

It's always the most unlikely of items that sell for the most as well, for example this comic book which is being auctioned off with the current bidding at $1.6 million.

13. Bandai Stadium Events

stadium events

Sold for: £24,751 ($41,300)

A bit like Wii Sports but way before it's time, this game allowed players to run on a fitness mat that would detect the running motion. It didn't do well and Nintendo never sold many copies making this game very rare, which is why it sold for so much.

12. Barry Bonds 715th Home Run Ball

Barry Bonds 715th Home Run Ball

Sold for: £130,000 ($220,100)

The ball that Barry Bonds hit when he made his 715th home run.

11. Ian Usher: The man who sold his life

ian usher sold his lie

Sold for: £185,000 ($310,000)

Ian Usher is an English author and public speaker who decided to sell everything he owned on Ebay following his divorce from his wife in 2008.

10. Golf with Tiger Woods

U.S. Open - Final Round

Sold for: £255,000 ($425,000)

Yep. Someone paid that much to play with golfing legend Tiger Woods. Lets hope it was worth the price tag.

9. Zagami Martian Meteorite

Zagami Martian Meteorite

Sold for: £270,000 ($450,000)

Who knew that meteorites could cost the earth. This large piece of Zagami Martian meteorite fell to earth in Nigeria, 1962.

8. Samuel Allsopp's Arctic Ale Circa 1852


Sold for: £300,000 ($503,300)

This bottle of Samuel Allsopp’s Arctic Ale that was brewed for the 1852 Expedition to the Arctic is thought to be the rarest, oldest and most documented bottle of beer in history which goes some way to justifying its insane price.

7. 2003 Enzo Ferrari

ferrari enzo

Sold for: £390,000 ($650,000)

One of only 400 in the world and made in the name of legendary Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari, this car sold for almost £400,000 which is nothing compared to a Bugatti Veyron, but still a lot of money.

6. 1909 Honus Wagner Baseball Card

1909 Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Sold for: £720,000 ($1.265 million)

This baseball card depicts the Pittsburgh Pirates' Honus Wagner, a dead-ball era baseball player who is considered to be one of the very best players that ever lived.

5. The town of Bridgeville, Calif.

The town of Bridgeville, Calif

Sold for: £1.1 million ($1.77 million)

Not the first town to be brought from Ebay, it turns out that it's not uncommon to purchase property or land via the website.

4. Atlas F Missile Base

4. Atlas F Missile Base

Sold for: £1.3 million ($2.1 Million)

If you are in the market for an apocalypse proof apartment and you are preparing for Armageddon then this is the nuclear bunker that your dreams are made of.

4. Albert, Texas

Albert, Texas

Sold for: £1.5 million ($2.5 million)

Someone brought a whole ghost town in Texas, redeveloped it and then sold it on again through Ebay for a profit.

3. Lunch With Warren Buffett

warren buffet

Sold for: £1.57 million £($2.63 million)

If you want to have lunch with one of the richest men in the world then it's always going to cost a lot. After all, time is money. The money raised from the auction went to the charity of the San Francisco-based Glide Foundation.

2. Gulfstream II

Gulfstream II

Sold for: £3 million ($4.9 million)

Texas based jet charting company decided to sell one of their G2 jets on Ebay back in 2001, showing the world that they can trust the site which was fairly new at the time.

1. Frank Mulder's Gigayacht

Frank Mulder's Gigayacht

Sold for: £100 million ($168 million)

Setting records, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought this Frank Muldre-designed 405-foot yacht in 2006. The yacht comes with 10 multi-level rooms, a movie theater, helicopter pad and eight guest rooms.