25 Adorable Photos of Mums with Their Mini-Mes

Mother and daughter relationships are always special. Both parents are equally important to a child’s upbringing but a daughter will always look towards her mother as a role model for the way she dresses and behaves. Here are 25 pictures that highlight the special relationship between mother and daughter.

photo by Laura Sykora

photo by Nathan Hirsch

photo by Hilaria Baldwin

photo by Neil Kremer

photo by Steph Anderson

photo by Ashley Lyons Sowa

photo by Heather Terrel

photo by Rebeka Photography

photo by Laura Sykora

photo by Sofi Fahrman

photo by Beth Hosking Hall

photo by Shila Dawn Pratt

photo by Nati Castellanos Saavedra

photo by Laura Sykora

photo by karlitchaa

photo by Annelies Sas

photo by Northcoastjournal

photo by wishcake

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