The 29 Most Useless Life Hacks Ever

29 of the most pointless and useless life hacks ever. They might not improve your life all that much, but at least you know how to make a doll bed out of toilet paper.

1. Use toilet paper to spice up your daughters doll house and accessories.

2. Thats if you break the stair banister first. Your move.

3. Great move. Just don’t pick it up straight after.

4. Congratulations on your unique timepiece.

5. Why are your hands so grubby.

6. Necklaces made of melon seeds.

7. What a beautiful piece of engineering.

8. Only in Essex.

9. Armbands to the rescue!

10. Perhaps it does, but isn’t eating it way better.

11. Who would go looking there after all. But now thanks to you Jackie, everyone now knows.

12. Mmm we can feel the warmth already.

13. Can’t afford fancy balloon weights? just wrap stones in kitchen foil.

14. Granny always gives us the best bits that no one else would ever eat.

15. Or go for a brain transplant and upgrade to one with a bigger memory capacity.

16. Mmm and if you are feeling really clever put it back in your tea afterwards for added flavour.

17. Gold Crocs! Damn grandmas these days are awesome.

18. For those on a budget but seeking romance or a great dining experience.

19. Break out the sticky tape!. Grandma is on to something here.

20. Who knew scrunchies had so many amazing uses.

21. Is a piggy bank really that much of an expensive luxury though..

22. Sounds like some sort of office prank.

23. Wind Chimes, Cat toys, the possibilities are endless.

24. But just hope they don’t snap whilst your out and about around town.

25. A genius way to remember your birthday.

26. But does a bin really need jazzing up?. Put a stop to the unrealistic standards expected of bins.

27. Tape your fruit to the door so that you never forget breakfast.

28. But you might need to buy tape, and thats not exactly cheap.

29. If times are hard and chips are not an option, then this seems a reasonable idea.

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