33 Things Everyone Did at Primary School

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We have all been there and experienced the Primary school life, and what an amazing time it was. Looking back now it all seems so sweet and innocent, you would go about your day completely oblivious to what is happening around you, consumed within your own little world. Those were the days.

Here are 33 things that everyone did whilst at Primary School.

1. Spending the whole of your primary school life trying to get your gooey alien pregnant

goey alien

2. Having amazing bubble writing meant that you'd finally made it in life

Bubble Writing and Graffiti Creator Fonts (2)

3. Practically shitting yourself with excitement when it was your class' turn to go and look at the Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair

4. Miming the songs in assembly instead of actually singing because you lived the thug life and cared for nobody.

5. Absolutely whacking the person you hated on the head during a heated game of Duck Duck Goose.

6. Spreading glue all over your hands then waiting for it to dry and peeling it off because you were a reckless six year old

7. Using your pencil case to cover your answers in a spelling test because all your classmates were cheating six year old b***ards.

8. Wearing a plastic cone as a hat when the teacher wasn't looking in PE and thinking that you were absolutely hilarious.

plastic pe cones

9. Sitting on the benches in assembly in Year 6, looking down at all the younger pupils thinking "Started from Reception now we're here".

10. Coming back to school after being on holiday with a hair braid/shaved patterns and feeling way too bootylicious for the untravelled pupils in your class.

11. Stuffing paper towels in the sinks and flooding the toilets because you were so hardcore and nobody could stand in your way

12. Doing a few laps of the classroom during tidy up time to make the teacher think that you were actually doing something

13. Unsticking yourself when nobody was looking whilst playing Stuck In The Mud because you were too sassy and lived life in the fast lane

14. listening to the teacher tell you the story about the kid who swung too far back on his chair and died


15. Being asked to take a note to another teacher and feeling like you had just been honoured with the task of taking the ring to Mordor

16. You could tell that you were getting to the end of term when every lesson involved 'making a poster'

17. The kid who kicked the only football over the school fence at playtime immediately became friendless

im so sorry

18. Being chosen to be 'the murderer' in a tense game of Wink Murder and feeling like a mastermind criminal with no limits to your power

19. Pulling petals off of a daisy whilst saying 'he loves me, he loves me not...' was a foolproof way to find out if someone fancied you


20. Performing your Year Six Leavers Assembly in the dinner hall and feeling more like you were on stage at Wembley

21. Spending 90% of a lesson writing the date and title so you didn't actually have to do the work


22. That week-long school trip to an outdoors centre in Year 6 was the highlight of anyone's primary school life

23. Sitting on the back row of the coach, when on a school trip, meant that you had finally made it in life

24. Thinking you were hilarious performing your 'full-moon, half-moon, total eclipse' routine when you had Jaffa Cakes in your packed lunch

LR Jaffa Cakes Advert

25. Getting chosen to give out the whiteboards and giving the person that you hated the dirtiest one with a pen that didn't work

school whiteboards

26. Having to do PE barefoot after forgetting your plimsoles and getting peas and carrots from the hall floor all over your feet

27. Spending 99% of any ICT lesson searching through clip art in order to make your word document look absolutely on point

28. There was always that one lunatic who brought £10 spending money to the school disco instead of the recommended £2.50

huell money breaking bad

29. When it was slightly sunny and your mum would send you to school equipped with a sun hat, sun umbrella and eight bottles of sun cream

30. Paper clipping lined paper underneath plain paper to make sure your work was neat so it looked fresh as f**k on the wall.

31. Being at the front of the line to walk to assembly and feeling like royalty leading your peasant subjects to war.

walking like a boss

32. Absolutely sh**ing yourself with excitement if the coach drove past your house when you were going on a school trip.

33. Inviting your friend round for tea after school in order to show off your inflatable furniture.

inflatable chair

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