Artist Creates Beautifully Intricate Pieces of Art on Leaves

These incredibly intricate pieces of art are made using the most unlikely of canvases. British based artist Omid Asadi must have the most steady hands in the world, as he uses a craft knife and a needle to create these detailed works of art on leaves.

“I always try to create pieces with a message, not just beautiful art. Some of these messages or ideas come from my world view, poems, stories, global problems and philosophy. I’m also inspired by other artists’ and designers’ works.”

Omid mostly uses Maple leaves as they are easy to find in the area that he lives. Every cut he makes has to be down with absolute precision, as unlike paper which can be cut with the same amount of pressure every time, the leaves differ. One wrong move and hundreds of hours of work can be destroyed.

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Leaf’s Mind



Che Guevara





John Lennon

Simorgh (phoenix)

Old Hand

Persian Cheetah

Nature’s Scream

Asadi in action as he sets to work on another amazing work of leaf art.

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