This Must Be the Most Random & Unexpected Delivery Note Ever

A man by the name of Benjamin Ward was left speechless after returning home to find the parcel he had ordered hanging from the gutter, 20ft above his front door. The delivery note left by the driver who works for courier firm myHermes read:

‘Today I called to deliver your parcel. Stuck on the roof – sorry’.

Benjamin alerted the company on Twitter by tweeting pictures of his parcel that was wedged in the gutter of his roof. The pictures went viral.

Obviously the courier were embarrassed over the incident and sent someone round with a ladder to retrieve the parcel. That must have been a pretty awkward time between the two of them, and you have to ask how the parcel got stuck there in the first place. We can only imagine that he was aiming for the garden on the other side of the house.

Better work on those throwing skills Mr. Courier.

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