What the Rich Kids of Instagram Did with Their Summers Is Unbelievable


It might be unbelievable how these kids spent their summers, but it's hardly unexpected. The Rich Kids of Instagram tumblr blog has been going for 2 years now and follows the children of some the worlds richest and most elite.

Whilst you might have been working hard all summer to save for going back to University or college these kids have been living it up.

They have been travelling all around the world with just the essentials. #travellinglight

rich kids of instagram 1

Heading back to Kuwait with some of my babies..❤️ #RichardMille #Rolex #Hublot #Audemarspiguet #france #paris

Because taking a car is for the poor.

rich kids of instagram 2

"Get to the the choppah"

They have the most fancy hangover cures imaginable.


Throwback…sunday drive out to the Hamptons and curing the hangover..

The struggle is real when you have to spend time packing for a road trip in your McLaren.

rich kids of instagram 6

Preparing for the day’s festivities with @ridiculousroth. Going to head out to a dope breakfast spot in Malibu to kick things off!

Spending this much on water... wow.

rich kids of instagram 5

We really like water.100 bottles of water #TableMinimumProblems #IbizaProblems #Amnesia #MarcoCarola

A normal bottle of champagne just won't do.

rich kids of instagram 4

Get ready for this to be opened to celebrate senior year #champagneaddict #aceofspades #midas #30l

They spent their summers buying a lot of expensive items.

rich kids of instagram 7

I don’t care what the haters and naysayers say. If they make jokes about me, I’ll laugh because they’ll probably be funny.

Whilst you might have gone on a cruise, the had their own private yachts.

rich kids of instagram 8

Dancing and lounging. I’m gonna miss this @mrodofficial @petermbrant by harry_brant #TBT

They did a bit of bowling... in a friends basement.

rich kids of instagrm 9

This is why I invite my friends over…. #basementbowling #hamptons

Taking some time to reflect on how you cannot fit into daddy's luxury car collection.

rich kids of instagram 10

Still can’t fit in it after all of these years…I could when I was a kid.

They got to stay in places like this whilst on holiday...

rich kids of instagram 11

Gopro shot during the sunset at the crib in st.martin #gopro #stmartin #mycrib #sunset #dontwanttoleave

There was also plenty of time to spend money on looking good.

rich kids instagram 12

Hair treatment day x

Going for a sunday drive in a supercar seems to be a recurring theme.

rich kids of instagram 13

Sunshine finally here, forgot sunglasses. #lambo #diablo #murcielago by a_george_life #asundaydrive

Whilst you are at work they are sunning themselves.

rich kids of instagram 14

Sorry that your at work #LemonadeLemonade


rich kids of instagram 15

600 carats, today’s buy. #diamondsanddogs

Speeding tickets are like trophies.

rich kids of instagram 16

#TBT Went for a drive through Malibu this AM, so many cops today! cops have a quota to meet today! Drive safe and Happy Fourth of July!

Feeding the dog expensive drink to pass the time.

rich kids of instagram 17

like his master #dobermandom

But why have a dog when you can have a lion!

rich kids of instagram 18

#king has arrived. #boom

They also spent a lot of money..

rich kids of instagram 19

Maybe this can work.. #$500kspendinglimits #blackcard

And after all that hard partying and spending their parents money, it's important to relax.

rich kids of instagram 20

The Day of rest