Two Guys Transform a Big Mac into a Beautiful Gourmet Meal

Two guys decided to have a competition and see who could create the fanciest Big Mac meal. They set about deconstructing the Big Mac Meal and then got work on turning a normal looking McDonalds meal into something that would be served up in a fancy restaurant. We have to admit we are pretty impressed with their efforts. Who knew that McDonalds could look this good!.

Here is the Big Mac Meal, this is all that they had to work with.

Cutting the fries even. Oh so fancy.

The fancy looking finished product. A 5 times cheeseburger with a potato tower, a salad topped with sesame seed bun croutons and mac sauce to garnish. Delicious!

A fancy and dramatic shot of the meal.

Coke in a wine glass. Living the classy life.

This is the other guys attempt. Big Mac mini sheppards pies with sesame seed crisps and a salad.

So who do you think won out of the two?

source: Reddit

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