These 15 Amputees Have a Brilliant Sense of Humour

Having a missing limb, whether it was lost through trauma, amputation or as a congenital disorder can present many amputees with difficulties that a lot of people will never have to deal with, which is what makes these 15 amputees so inspiring.

Not only have they overcome the obstacles they have faced in life but they have been able to put a funny and positive spin on their situation. Luckily all of these people have a sense of humour and don’t mind making others laugh, but remember laughing with someone is very different to laughing at someone and these people deserve everyones respect.

Shark Attack

This guy enjoy’s trolling people at the beach.

The Drinks Holder.

A husband receives gloves whilst his wife receives a bra after a Mastectomy

Genius Leg Lamp Costume

This Amazing Dolphin Tattoo.

This guy makes some incredible Halloween costumes.

Three Little Pigs

This incredible lego leg.

“Where are my muscles!?”

This Nail Tattoo

Genius Pirate Costume

Brilliant Halloween Shark Attack Fancy Dress

This Shark Tattoo

This Tattoo that is quite literally true.

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