17 Texts That Prove Drunk People Are Hilarious

Being collectively drunk is fine. If you are drunk texting someone else that is also drunk then everything seems to make sense. Receiving texts from a drunk person while you are sober though is another thing entirely.

Here are the 17 funniest drunk texts ever sent…

1. This person who has no idea anymore.

2. This guy who has had a moment of enlightenment.

3. The girl who cared too much for the badger.

4. The person who was proud of this.

5. Facebook takes priority for this guy.

6. You know you are drunk when this happens.

7. The person who could hide their secret fetish no longer.

8. They have realised what is important in life.

9. Drunken antics.

10. “Labor for your liver!”

11. When a serious conversation turns into song lyrics.

12. The realisation of how you act when drunk.

13. The person who gets easily distracted.

14. The guy who was so drunk he needed a taxi anyway.

15.  This kind policeman.

16. Sometimes if you cannot beat them, you join them.

17. The person who gets confused about basic biology.

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