The 29 Best Wedding Photobombs Ever

We have covered out fair share of photobombs here on blazepress before, however these are probably the best yet. The reason being that these photos are supposed to be the memories of the best day of their lives, and they have been ruined by un-invited guests. Oopss…

1. This guy completely destroyed this photo.

2. Damn it horse. Thats the fifth time now.

3. He’s not sure about this.

4. What is it with horses and wedding photos?

5. Ok so no we have stepped it up a gear. A tiger!

6. This guy.

7. Quick, you’re in the way!

8. “No way am I going back”.

9. Just umm… adjusting himself.

10. Ok so this is actually pretty cool.

11. Just sight seeing.

12. Epic!

13. And yet another horse.

14. Planking like a boss

15. “Not again dad!”

16. This guy casually walking along.

17. Where did this guy come from?

18. Just going fishing, don’t mind me.

19. “Help!”

20. She is more shocked than the bride to be.

21. “Damn. You got some nice flowers right there”

22. We don’t even know what they are doing. Any ideas?

23. Speedos FTW!

24. When you see it…

25. Well.. Lama.

26. This cat was not ready for its close up.

27. They even cheered him on.

28. The lighting was off anyway.

29. Relief or completely fed up?

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