Everything You Need to Know about Apples New Watch


Whenever apple launch a new product there is always a lot of interest and hype surrounding it, so it should come as no surprise that people are getting excited about the new Apple Watch. Yesterday they announced the new product alongside the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Here is everything you could possibly need to know about the new watch.

What apple stands for is taking powerful technology and trying to make that technology easily accessible in everyday life.

apple watch 1

The watch is turned on by raising your wrist.

apple watch 2

There is a "Digital Crown" on the side of the device that serves its purpose for a lot of features.


Simply by pressing the button below the crown will bring up a personalised contact list.

apple watch 4

There is also a new "Digital Touch" feature which allows users to interact in new and exciting ways.

apple watch 5

Users can send each other small sketches, vibrating pulses and even their own heartbeat.

apple watch 6

The display has been bonded to single crystal of sapphire, making it scratch resistant.

apple watch 7

The watch also senses force as well as touch which means it can distinguish between a touch and a press.

apple watch 8

The inside of the watch has been described as a miniaturised computer on a single chip.

apple watch 9

The back has four sapphire lenses.

apple watch 10

These are infrared and visible light LEDs that monitor the users heart rate and other vital signs.

apple watch 11

This backing also allows for a unique charging system.

apple watch 12

Apple has revealed 6 unique straps for the watch.

apple watch 13

There is also a rubberised sweat resistant and durable strap which is available in a variety of colours.

apple watch 14

The "Leather Loop' is a soft and bendable material that straps together using magnets within the strap.

apple watch 15

The "Modern Leather' strap comes with a more traditional clasp.

apple watch 16

The "Classic" is just like an ordinary watch.

apple watch 17

apple watch 18

There is also a classy looking "Stainless Steal Link'.

apple watch 19

apple watch 20

The 'Milanese Loop' is designed as a fluid stainless steal strap from a steal mesh.

apple watch 21

For those with small wrists do not worry. Apple has also developed a smaller watch with straps that fit accordingly.

apple watch 22

Heres a selection of some of the different looks and combinations.

apple watch 23

via Dose.com