Famous Instagram Teen Baller ‘It’s Lavish’ Gets Jailed for Selling iPhone on Craigslist

For those of you who don’t already know, ‘It’s Lavish‘, otherwise known as Param Sharma is a teen Instagram user with extremely rich parents, a fact that he is not afraid of flaunting using his Instagram account. The teen ‘Baller’ Often refers to the less well off as ‘peasants’ and mocking them through his extravagant and over the top pictures and captions, however it would seem even having super rich parents doesn’t make you above the law.

After a notification revealed the phone was stolen, the person who purchased the phone from the advert took it to the police. Possibly targeted for his overwhelming popularity on social media, he has currently spent 24 days in jail with his bail set to $30,000.

More money on my chest than in yo bank account #30k

All that money and he cannot afford bail? clearly something isn’t right here.

via elitedaily

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