This Guy Went From José To Joe & His Life Took A Huge Turn For The Better


José Zamora had a routine, everyday he would wake up, go on Craigslist and apply to between 50 - 100 jobs, which is a very impressive feat in itself, however José never received any emails or phone calls back.

So on a hunch, José decided to do something rather out of the ordinary; drop the 's' from his name in his resume, José Zamora became Joe Zamora. Suddenly after the same routine of applying for jobs, emails and phone calls started flooding in. José explains in the video that the only thing that was changed on his resume was his name.

Its mad and genuinely quite upsetting that in this day and age a human can be discriminated against because of the name they was given as a child.

José goes on to say; "I had to drop a letter to get a title, sometimes I don't even think people know or are conscious or aware that they're judging -- even if it's by name -- but I think we all do it all the time."

via Huffington Post