Samsung Release Hilarious Videos That Mock Apples iPhone 6 and Apple Watch


Ever since the iPhone 6, the 6 Plus and the new Apple Watch were announced there has been a lot of people who were left a little underwhelmed, and it certainly wasn't the smoothest of Apples new product launches in recent years.

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is no secret, and since the launch Samsung have uploaded several short videos mocking apples "new" and "innovative" products. As many have pointed out already, android phones were equipped with identical specs and features to that of the newly release iPhone 6 back in 2012.

It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to these...

What samsung think of Apple's live stream going down.

What they think of the new screen.

Mocking the underwhelming improvements made to the iPhone 6 battery.

And finally, shots fired at the new Apple Watch.