Stunning Hyper Realistic Celebrity Portraits by Heather Rooney

These stunning hyper realistic celebrity portraits are by 21-year-old art student Heather Rooney. Using Prismacolor coloured pencils she is able to create beautiful portraits of celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Robin Williams.

Watching her draw on YouTube is fascinating, as hours upon hours of footage is condensed into just 5 minutes. The videos offer an insight into the complexity of these drawings and the hard work that goes into them. The result is astonishing and will leave you in awe.

Be sure to check out Heathers Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr

Michael Jackson

Justin Timberlake

Robin Williams

Colin Kaepernick

Clint Dempsey

Graphite drawing of Winston Churchill

Cara Delevingne

Mario Götze

Katy Perry

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ellen DeGeneres

Hermione Granger

source: Facebook

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