We Are One Step Closer to Making Invisibility Cloaks a Real Thing


This is pretty exciting, we are one step closer to having full invisibility cloaks after scientists at the University of Rochester have devised a way of making objects disappear by using a range of different lenses, inspired by Harry Potter of course.

Using the lenses, they are able to direct light around the object seen through the lenses, making it appear completely invisible.

fea-cloaking 2

Aside from the obvious and exciting possibility of perhaps one day developing an invisibility cloak, professor of physics and the University of Rochester has suggested many others ways that this technique can improve peoples lives right now, including letting surgeons see through their hands and covering blind spots on heavy duty vehicles.

The process is known as “cloaking”, and although this example is only small, it can easily be scaled up to cover larger objects than the example below.


To learn more about the process behind "Cloaking" see the video above.

source: www.rochester.edu