Vigilant Motorcyclist Chases down Those Who Litter and Returns the Rubbish by Force


This video shows a vigilant motorcyclist who chases down those who litter and kindly does them and the environment a favour by returning the rubbish, sometimes forcefully. Sure, she might make a mess of people and sometimes their car interiors but at least they might think twice next time before they decide to chuck rubbish out of their car windows.

The lesson is to use a bin. We need more people like this lady.

rubbish hero 1

Target Spotted.


The motorcyclist moves to the side of the vehicle and spots a filthy ash tray.

rubbish hero 3

And the driver ends up wearing it. Oops.

rubbish hero 4

A guy in his Mercedes G Wagon drops litter as he drives off.

rubbish hero 5

She gets along side him before he pulls out of the car park and he is reluctant to roll down the window.

rubbish hero 6

Instant regrets. The guy ends up wearing his unfinished meal.

rubbish hero 7