These Celebrity Photographs Might Appear Creepy, but Wait until You Flip Them Around


When you look at these photographs of celebrities you will probably be left creeped out as at first glance something appears a little different about them. What you are seeing is known as the Thatcher Effect, which works because of how our minds make sense of flipped images when parts of one's face are flipped and others are not.

Our minds naturally make sense of an otherwise 'odd' looking image by flipping the smile and eyes the right way around, however when the image is rotated back to it's normal position the upside down eyes and mouth become clear again.

This is seriously cool. Who knew!?

Jennifer Lawrence


Robert Downey Jnr

creepy thatcher effect 2

Matt Damon

creepy thatcher effect 3

Amanda Seyfried

creepy thatcher effect 4

Barack Obama

creepy thatcher effect 5

Chris Pratt

creepy thatcher effect 6

Helen Clark

creepy thatcher effect 7

Jake Gyllenhall

creepy thatcher effect 8

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