15 People Who Are Evil Geniuses

If you ever wanted to stop being friends with someone then this is how you do it. Here are 15 people who are absolute evil geniuses.

1. Filling donuts with mayonnaise

2. Replacing apples with onions.

3. How to make your enemies pay using shrimp scent.

4. Air horn behind the door handle.

5. How to literally scare the crap out of someone.

6. Seriously evil.

7. The useless bar of soap.

8. If you do this, nobody at work will talk to you ever again.

9. A disaster waiting to happen.

10. This will drive anybody crazy.

11. Ketchup surprise

12. This is going to be rough

13. We doubt he is your friend anymore.

14. Just imagine the disappointment and disgust

15. If you do this to Oreos, you are not human.

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