18 Airplane Meals From Around the World


Airplane meals are notorious for not being that nice, but these meals are an exception to that rule. Here are 18 airplane meals from all around the world that will make you want to go travelling.

1. AeroMexico

aero mexico

Ham and cheese sandwich, salad, chocolate cake, bread roll.

2. Air Canada

air canada

Cheese omelette with spinach, yoghurt, bun and fruit salad.

3. Air France

air france

Chicken and pasta, a bread roll, fruit salad and a tart.

4. American Airlines

american airlines

Lasagne, side salad, roll, water and carrot cake.

5. Cathay Pacific

cathay pacific

Conchiglie in tomato sauce, bread roll, side salad, a pudding and a bar of chocolate.

6. Delta


Scrambled eggs, potato wedges, sausages, fruit salad and orange juice.

7. DrukAir


A spicy tofu and vegetable noodle dish, with fruit, yoghurt and a croissant.

8. EVA Airways Hello Kitty Jet


Miso soup, salad, omelette, rice, pickles and a seafood dish.

9. Liberia Airlines

Ilberia airlines

Croissant, omelett, ham, toast, fruit salad and orange juice.

10. Japan Airlines

japan airlines

Green tea, miso soup, beef and rice and a seafood dish.

11. Kingfisher


Ragda pattice and a slice of cake.

12. Korean Airlines

korean airlines

Fruit, pickles, a roll and a vegetarian dish.

13. Lufthanasa


Mezze plate, carrot and orange salad, bread rolls and a tart.

14. Singapore Airlines

singapore airlines

Apple and celery salad with tuna, pork with chicken rice, and a green tea cake.

15. TransAsia Airways

transasia airways meal

Fruit plate and a selection of bread.

16. Turkish Airlines

turkish airlines

Eggs, tomatoes, mushroom and potatoes, fruit salad and a bread roll.

17. Vietnam Airlines

vietnam airlines

Salmon en croute with vegetables, a bread roll and fruit.

18. Virgin Atlantic

virgin atlantic

Stew with dumplings, bread roll, pasta salad, cheese and crackers and a chocolate dessert.

via BuzzFeed