18 Movie Posters Reimagined to Look Cooler than Ever


These days movie posters all look the same, so lucky for us that British designer Daniel Norris is doing an awesome job at taking movies we are all familiar with and reimagining what the movie posters could look like.

His designs have been featured in a lot of galleries and its pretty easy to see why. The posters are a breath of fresh air in the movie world.

1. City of God

city of god

2. Drive


3. Fight Club

fight club

4. Get Carter

get carter

5. Guardians of the Galaxy


6. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

indiana jones raiders of the lost ark

7. Iron Man

iron man

8. Return of the Jedi

return of the jedi

9. Sin City

sin city

10. Spiderman


11. Star Wars: A New Hope

star wars a new hope

12. The Dark Knight Rises

the dark knight rises

13. The Lord Of The Rings

the lord of the rings

14. The Shining

the shining

15. The Wolf Of Wall Street

wolf of wall street

16. Batman Begins

batman begins

17. Fargo


18. The Dark Knight

the dark knight

source: danielnorris.tumblr.com