18 People Who Aren't the Flirting pro's They Wish They Were

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From miss spelling the first word you ever send to someone, to revealing a little too much of your true weird self at once - these people wish they were flirting pro's, but they aren't.

1. This academic


2. This slightly less academic


3. The guy that gives up too quickly

defeatist flirting

4. The romancer

flirting fail

5. The snail lover

flirting nature lover

6. Lasagna lover

flirting priorties

7. Good save on the potatoes

flirting quick thinker

8. This Shrek fan

flirting shrek

9. This fruit genius


10. The grammar nazi

grammar nazi

11. They know their maths

maths fail

12. She can't be tamed

not a morning person

13. The persistent type


14. This name expert


15. This school romance

school romance

16. The food lover just looking for someone with a shared interest

shared interests

17. The social media expert


18. The master of subtlety

subtle flirt

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