21 Dads Who Have Totally Nailed Parenting

Parenting is not always easy and sometimes looking after the kids can be hard work.These dads however have got it all sorted. They are totally nailing this whole parenting thing.

1. This dad who customised this pushchair to look epic.

2. This dad who knows how to feed a baby

3. The dad that made his own Twitter

4. The Woolyback dad

5. The dad who used his baby as napkin holder

6. This dad who is winning at text messages

7. This overly concerned dad

8. The dad who tried to print a YouTube video

9. Fancy Dress Dad

10. The dad who doesn’t have to take his kids to Disneyland for them to have fun.

11. 100% safe

12. The gaming dad

13. Epic Twilight Dad

14. The dad who knows how important a manicure is.

15. This dad who isn’t stopping for anything

16. The dad who totally understand texting.

17. The dad that drew epic eyebrows on his son

18. The dad who doesn’t give out confidence boosts. Ever.

19. The dad that doesn’t mess about at the supermarket

20. Parenting level: Gamer

21. This dad who totally wins at DIY halloween outfits.

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