32 Funny Emoji Combinations To Use When Words Won’t Quite Cut It

I don’t know about you, but when I use a funny emoji combo, people like it. and to be honest, I like it too. It’s easy to communicate with just emojis since the rise of whatsapp and other chat systems.

And as you know, communication is mostly not verbal anyway, so this makes perfect sense. 

No matter how sad it sounds, we all know there’s something satisfying about finding a funny Emoji combination that puts across your point perfectly. Using these emoji combos is great for: 

  • When you need to talk back to someone but you don’t have words
  • When you’re too angry and want to make the message across
  • When you’re talking to someone younger than 30
  • When you don’t want your parents to understand what you’re talking about vie texts

These 32 funny emoji combos are brilliant, whether the recipient will know what they mean or not is another story.

Check these funny emoji combinations and thank us later

#1 Not the brightest bulb in the group

#2 You gotta go to hell

#3 I’m between a rock an hard place

#4 Did you say something? Was that the wind?

#5 your head’s in the clouds

#6 You’re in the dog house

#7 That was cold

#8 You’re in deep sh*t now

#9 No time for your bullsh*t

#10 Kiss my A**

#11 Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

#12 Not my cup of tea

#13 Screw you

#14 Your mom

#15 GTFO

#16 Talk to the hand

#17 Dumb as a door knob

#18 Read it and weep

#19 When pigs fly

#20 Cry me a river

#21 Don’t cry over spilled milk

#22 Feeling shy

#23 When drama is about to go down

#24 Blank stare

funny emoji combos

#25 I didn’t see anything

#26 Wig snatched

#27 What did I just witness

Best one yet in my opinion

#28 Looking in the mirror like…

Yeah, like a clown.

#29 I’m not listening

Perfect for teens who need to shut the parents via text

#30 You can leave

Wipe that smile off your face, and just leave

#31 Do I care?

This emoji combo is just obvious right? No explanation needed

#32 Feeling Pretty or sassy

When you just feel your best!

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