25 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed a Facebook Account


Sometimes people post such ridiculous comments and statuses on Facebook that you cannot help but feel it would be a better place without them. Time to start hitting that 'unfriend' button.

1. The person who has trouble identifying their animals:


2. The person who lacks any common sense:

facebook fails 1

3. The person who needs to go back to school:

facebook fails 2

4. The person who has clearly never seen Oprah:

facebook fails 17

5. This guy who has a unique way of getting the girls:

facebook fails 18

6. This guy who gets right to the point:

facebook fails 4

7. This person who has clearly never been to Michigan:

facebook fails 5.1

8. This person who doesn't know the importance of commas:

facebook fails 5

9. The person who has never experienced sugar:

facebook fails 6

10. The person who gives hourly updates, and still gets it wrong:

facebook fails 7.1

11. This person who needs their own grammar correcting:

facebook fails 7

12. This person who needs to learn what a reptile is:

facebook fails 8

13. The person who clearly loves games a bit too much:

facebook fails 9

14. The person who thought muslim was a country:

facebook fails 10

15. This person who struggles with the concept of time:

facebook fails 11.1

16. The person who thinks dinosaurs still exist:

facebook fails 11

17. The person who lays traps for friends to fall into:

facebook fails 12.1

18. This seriously possessive girlfriend:

facebook fails 12

19. The parent who wanted their kid to be a victim of fraud:

facebook fails 13

20. This person who cannot work out the difference between a caesar and a seizure:

facebook fails 14.

21. The person who is clearly not in college:

facebook fails 14.1

22. Lets hope it isn't a tattoo with words:

facebook fails 14

23. The person who is so so old:

facebook fails 15

24. The international Literacy day that got off to a bad start:

facebook fails 16.1

25. This person who clearly isn't what they make out to be:

facebook fails 16