These 27 Photographs Are Not All That They Seem


At first glance these pictures will make you say WHAAAT!?, but when you look at little closer the truth is revealed. All is not what it seems at first glance.

1. Not someone holding up a photograph.

amazing view

2. This baby doesn't really have huge adult legs.


3. This is actually really safe.

baby flying

4. This short disaster.

baby foot

5. It's not what you think it is.


6. This cats ear isn't really transparent.


7. This dog with two heads.

dog two heads

8. He isn't really floating.

floating guy

9. That rock isn't floating.

floating rock

10. This police advertisement.

fly down

11. She doesn't actually have a foothand

foot hand

12. This isn't what you think it is.

funny photo

13. This is not actually a spider. You can still sleep safely at night.

giant spider in street

14. This guy wearing a wedding dress.

guy wearing wedding dress

15. This girls hairy arm.

hairy arm

16. This hockey player does actually have a head.

hockey player no head

17. Her arms aren't actually that long.

huge arms

18. Kevin Durant's hair.

kevin durants

19. The dad isn't part of the painting

man blends into painting

20. This guy doesn't actually have those legs.

man legs

21. He does actually have a hand.

man without hand

22. He is actually wearing clothes.

naked man

23. That isn't actually a lake.

optical illusion

24. This incredibly skinny woman.

skinny woman

25. She isn't smoking a joint.

smoking joint

26. Not even sure what is going on here.

strange picture

27. This woman does actually have a head.


via Buzzfeed