29 Playgrounds so Creepy They Will Ruin Your Childhood

Once upon a time when you were a sweet and innocent child you probably wouldn’t have even noticed these terrifying climbing frames even if they were right in front of you. Now though they are all kinds of wrong. Here are 29 playgrounds that will ruin your childhood innocence forever.

1. This creepy looking statue.

2. The human centipede?

3. Just look into those eyes…

4. That kid looks so happy

5. These terrifying wasps

6. The bear that just wont let go.

7. Everybody is welcome through the front door

8. These houses look like lost souls

9. A beautiful archway

10. This dragon looks like its been through a lot

11. Three little pigs

12. This creepy looking woman

13. Clown seat. Nope!

14. Why does the pig have breasts!?

15. Looking a little surprised

16. Whoever made this is an awful person

17. Cannibal Sausage

18. Happy Clown

19. Beheaded monkeys

20. The eyes make this too scary to handle

21. Even he is impressed

22. Time to make an exit

23. Really not welcoming

24. “Daddy, whats that man doing to the bear?”

25. A beautifully sculpted climbing rock.

26. “You shall not pass.”

27. Kids are supposed to enjoy this?

28. A dead rat is the feature every playground needs.

29. And finally, this morbid looking set of ropes.

h/t buzzfeed

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