29 Signs That Raise More Questions than They Answer

Signs are supposed to direct us to certain places or inform us of what we can and cannot do. Signs can be universal just by using pictures so they are easily understood by all.

All of these signs are a little confused, as they seem to raise more questions than answers.

1. If you want to cycle, you are going to have a bad time.

2. Just keep it left.

3. This sign is clearly just as confused as the one above.

4. Probably best to just avoid these pills all together.

5. Which one is it?!

6. Well thats cleared it all up.

7. Zombie Children on the loose.

8. Soo… Montreal then.

9. There is only one way and thats a dead end. Great.

10. Which one are you going to choose?

11. Perfect for every OAP.

12. Even free costs money these days.

13. We don’t even want to know what caused this sign.

14. Look out for it.

15. Thanks for the warning.

16. Oh damn. This is going to be so hard.

17. They do things. Horrible things.

18. Pretty sure the chicken doesn’t say MOO

19. Pets. At your own risk.

20. Throwing cats is not allowed around here.

21. You read it didn’t you…

22. We will do our best to avoid this.

23. Who knows what could happen if you don’t

24. Not even sure what way to turn.

25. Umm ok.

26. We don’t want to know.

27. Ok. Chill out sign..

28. This toilet must have had a shady past.

29. But it says 101%. Why!?

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