31 Animals That Are Complete Jerks

Here are 31 animals that are acting like complete jerks.

1. Total violation

2. The casual tea bag

3. Too slow…

4. Takedown

5. “You feel sick? let me make it even worse”

6. Monkey just won’t let the cat sleep.

7. “Your foot is mine human!”

8. Lesson learnt here

9. Totally Rekt

10. Cheeky squirrel

11. The birds must have a real hate against smart cars.

12. Seagull ruins a golf game

13. You just know where he is heading

14. This goat

15. Not sorry one bit.

16. No way are you going to the toilet in peace.

17. “This eye looks delicious”

18. Look how pleased the dog is.

19. “Nope”

20. “Mine”

21. Never dangle your feet over an animal enclosure.

22. Ouch

23. Family photo ruined

24. F**K You Pay Me

25. This guy got the fright of his life

26. “Im not even sorry”

27. “And What?”

28. No camping for you

29. Sharing. Not even once.

30. “I’ll be taking this”

31. Never take your dog through a car wash.

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