This Man Has the Wildest Hobby You Have Ever Seen

Meet Carl Bovard, a man with a hobby and passion so wild it puts most peoples hobbies to shame. Carl is passionate about the future of big cats and tigers and decided to open his own sanctuary called Single Vision. He choose that name for a reason because he is actually half blind due to an accident he suffered from 13-years-ago.

After spending time recovering he eventually regained sight in one eye. During his time of complete blindness Carl says that what he missed the most was seeing animals. Shortly after this he adopted his first two tiger cubs and founded his non-profit sanctuary for big cats.

When animals first come to the sanctuary they spend their first few months living inside Carls house, and despite his lack of vision he still plays rough with the cats which at times has had its consequences:

I’ve had a leopard bite me on the nose and I had to get that sewed back together. I’ve also had my shoulder separated.

Despite the risk he continues to do what he does because he truly believes in the importance of these big cats and their futures. You can check out more about the sanctuary and Carl via its Facebook Page.

via Daily Mail

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