Napoleon the Cat Is the Sweetest Ball of Fur Ever

Meet Napoleon the cat, the sweetest bundle of fluff you have ever set eyes on. Napoleons owner had been out of work for over a year when all of a sudden Napoleon shows up at just two months old.

With free time on his hands, Spanish photographer and filmmaker Jesús Segura started taking photos of what Napoleon got up to on a daily basis which then got him thinking.

That face is just too cute.

Segura even set up a kitten sized studio for Napoleon.

Setting Napoleon apart from the rest is his range of expressions.

His expressiveness and reactions ignited my imagination and so I decided that Napoleon would be the protagonist in a number of absurd and exciting situations

After the photo shoot Napoleon gets put into a variety of situations.

For example.. the shower scene from Psycho.

And even alien abductions. Just look at that face.

In order to keep making these awesome photographs and turn them into a calendar they duo have an Indigo page where you can donate to make their plan for Napoleon world domination a reality.

source: indiegogo

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