These Optical Illusions Completely Disappear Right in Front of Your Eyes


Everyone loves a good optical illusion, and the best ones will always leave you amazed. These optical illusions do exactly that because they disappear.

Here are 7 optical illusions that will leave you saying wow. All you have to do is stare at them for long enough and the magic happens right in front of your eyes.

1. The longer you stare at the black dot the more the grey area fades away.

optical illusion 1

2. Stare at the middle of this picture. Watch the image start to fade away until its completely gone.

optical illusion 2

3. Staring at the black cross in the middle will make the pink dots disappear, and maybe even turn one of them green.

optical illusion 3

4. The blue bars fade away the longer you stare at the black dot.

optical illusion 4

5. Stare at the red dot and watch the blue ring disappear.

optical illusion 5

6. Choose a yellow dot to keep an eye on and the other two will disappear.


7. Watch the cross in the middle and all the circles disappear.

optical illusion 7

via 22words