Photographer Captures the Divide Smartphones Put between Those Closest to Us

Photographer Babycakes Romero captures the divide that smartphones put between our loved ones even when they are right beside us, and how they are slowly killing face-to-face conversation and social interaction as we know it. Romero is dedicated to capturing the world around him and doesn’t have anything against portable technology such as tablets and mobile phones but does believe it is making people seriously dull, and after seeing these photos you will find it hard to disagree.

Before mobiles phones became an item that everyone owned, we would be forced to interact with those around us. That is no longer necessary as portable technology allows us an escape into a virtual world in which we can be connected to anyone, anywhere in the world – yet we are more disconnected than ever. We have posted a video before called ‘Look Up’ which talks about this problem and how social networks are killing conversation and making us oblivious to the real world around us.

These photographs highlight the problem in a striking way. You can check out more of the photographers work via

via BoredPanda

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