These Photographs Might Look Fake, but They Are 100% Real

These 26 images look fake but they haven’t been manipulated with photoshop. Every single one of them is 100% real.

At the summit of Mt. Ontake, rescuers visit a shrine to look for those affected by a volcano eruption that killed at least 51 people. The coating of ash left from the eruption makes this photograph appear almost black and white.

This is the work of Georges Rousse who we have covered here before. Using perspective he creates amazing works of art that alter your perception of space and distance.

An airbus Airbus A380 crossing the Autobahn at Leipzig airport.

This is Matthias Schlitte and he has an arm that would put “Hellboy” to shame. His huge arm is not the result of lifting weights in the gym and is actually the result of a genetic defect that made his arm 33% larger than his left one. He was quite literally born to arm wrestle.

This pool that was surrounded by flood water only just escapes the same fate of its murky surroundings.

If Tron and everyday life merged together then this would probably be the result. Sadly however it’s just a sculpture designed by artist Benedict Radcliffe. Still awesome though.

3D projection onto trees is an actual thing and it’s awesome.

This is the roof of Sagrada Família Cathedral Designed By Antoni Gaudí

The rice field terraces of Yunnan, China

Again like the first photo, this has not been edited with one of those ‘leave colour’ filters and is actually a real photo taken after an eruption of a volcano in Indonesia.

Yep. Not photoshop. Just somebody that really really likes the colour black. If black even is a colour?

This awesome wooden shelter that sits in the California High Desert uses mirrors and light to create a small house full of awesome.

Not Photoshoped, but also not legal. This rooftop villa in Beijing was ordered to be demolished after Zhang Biqing, the creator of this insane villa attracted global mockery. Situated on top of a 26 storey building it isn’t hard to see why it was ordered for demolition. Still cool though.

This is what a magnified section of a painted canvas looks like.

It might look like a tsunami but it’s actually a condo wave forming along the coast of Florida over the beaches of Panama City.

This is actually a hotel that is designed to look like a cruise ship in South Korea. Perfect for anyone that easily gets sea sick but wants that cruise ship experience.

Between 7-12 of June in 2011 artist Erik Johansson created this illusion called “Mind your step” located in Sergels torg square, Stockholm.

Known as an Arcus cloud, it looks like a wall of pink glorious marshmallow.

We have to admit their is probably some sort of optical illusion at play here, but Fellaini appears to be towering over France’s Valbuena who looks to be only half the size.

This is Venus the cat. We have posted about venus before who appears to have two faces in one thanks to her unique markings.

We don’t even know what is going on here. But apparently this isn’t Photoshoped. We are guessing the rhinos positioned themselves perfectly just to mess with our heads. They did well.

Located at Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, this is mother nature at its most colourful. Over 24 million years ago these mountains formed in China by laying down mineral deposits over and over again.

This rainbow laser looks just like the Nyan Cat Flyover. If you have never seen Nyan Cat before then just take a look at this.

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