It Really Is Hard to Believe How Old These Celebrities Are


All of these celebrities share one thing in common, they are all 40 years or older. Their are rumours that some of these celebrities are immortal or vampires, Pharrell being the source of most of them.

It's no joke though, looking this good at 40 or older is impressive. We wonder if they still get asked for ID at a bar because their looks certainly don't give anything away.

Angie Harmon

angie harmon

Age 42.

Carmen Electra

carmen electra

Age 42.



Age 41.

Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani

Age 45.

Halle Berry

halle berry

Age 48.

Jack McBrayer

jack mcbrayer

Age 41.

Jared Leto


Age 42.

Jennifer Lopez

jenniffer lopez

Age 46.

Kate Moss

kate moss

Age 40

Kristen Wiig

kristen wiig

Age 41.

Pharrell Williams

pharrel williams

Age 41.

Salma Hayek

salma hayek

Age 48.

Sarah Silverman

sarach silverman

Age 43.

via ViralNova