The Submarine Lotus Espirit from James Bond Can Be Yours for $1 Million



If you have a spare $1 million laying around and don't know what you should be spending it on then you should definitely consider buying this modified 1977 Lotus Espirit S1 sportscar/submarine which featured in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. The car is easily one of the most iconic cars from the 007 films, second only to the Aston Martin DB5 that even made an appearance in the latest Bond film Skyfall. You can watch the original scene in which the Lotus Espirit goes underwater here.

The model you see below is not road legal and doesn't even have an engine so whoever does end up with the car will be limited to just enjoying it as the impressive sculpture / art piece that it is.

Lotus-Esprit-Submarine-Car 1

Lotus-Esprit-Submarine-Car 2

Lotus-Esprit-Submarine-Car 3

Lotus-Esprit-Submarine-Car 4

Lotus-Esprit-Submarine-Car 5

via Airows