The 30 Most Terrifyingly Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes in Existence

We have covered awesome halloween costumes for couples before, but what if you decided to bring your pet to the party to?. Here are the 30 scariest yet adorable pet halloween costumes you have ever seen. This is just too cute…

1. Batman Cat

2. Normal Bat cat

3. Robin the Rabbit

4. Dracula Hedgehog

5. This is almost too cute for words

6. Three headed mutant dog

7. Breaking Bad Cat

8. Mini Lion

9. Crocodile Attack

10. Super Dog

11. Cat Jockey

12. Princess Leia Cat

13. This is 100% a real ghost.

14. Sushi Guinea Pig

15. Pug Batman

16. Fluffy

17. The Dark Knight Rises

18. Ewok duo

19. Frankincat

20. Ghost Dog

21. Indiana Dog Jones

22. Octopooch

23. Pirates carrying treasure

24. Funny face pug

25. Shark Attack

26. Spider Pug

27. Star Wars

28. Sushi Cat

29. Hedgehog Thor

30. Pikachu Cat

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