The Worlds Most Haunted House Scares Two People into a State of Shock

We have already covered the worlds most haunted house, but recently this video surfaced about two men who could not finish the 4 to 7 hour long ordeal. The two of them were certainly no light weights. One of them was an adventure fanatic and the other was a marine with 15 years experience.

This video is almost an hour long, but features conversations between the camera man who films the whole experience and the two men taking part, as well as commentary from the owner of McKamey Manor at the start. As you can see from the footage not only are they physically exhausted and beat up but they are also emotionally destroyed too. The haunted house literally broke them down until they were shaking in fear and almost going into a state of shock – at this point they decide to pull the plug on the experience for safety reasons.

How long is it going to be before someone gets seriously injured in this place? you would have to be mad to enter in our opinion. It raises the question whether this is really a ‘haunted house experience’ and actually more of a torture house where those who do the torturing get their sadistic kicks from beating and scaring people. If you want to check out more about the haunted house visit the McKamey Manor website.

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