10 Cosy Houses That Make Perfect Winter Retreats


With winter here already for many and the worst still yet to come we hope you can get warm again by taking a look at these cosy looking winter retreats.

Being cold would be a thing of the past in these cosy looking homes...

1. Winter cabin and retreat designed by Olson Kundig Architects.

delta winter shelter retreat 1

delta winter shelter retreat 2

delta winter shelter retreat 3

delta winter shelter retreat 4

2. This beautifully designed mansion by Workshop Architecture, located in the snowy hills of Alaska.

cosy snowy retreat alaska 1

cosy snowy retreat alaska 2

cosy snowy retreat alaska 3

cosy snowy retreat alaska 4

cosy snowy retreat alaska 5

cosy snowy retreat alaska 6

3. This awesome house by NRJA located amongst trees in the middle of a snow forrest.

snowy mansion in forest 1

snowy mansion in forest 2

snowy mansion in forest 3

4. These warm looking huts designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects.

cosy winter hut 2

cosy winter hut 3

cosy winter hut 4


5. This snowy cottage designed by Messana O’Rorke strikes the perfect balance between being modern and minimal without looking cold.

snowy cottage 1

snowy cottage 2

snowy cottage 3

snowy cottage 4

snowy cottage 5

snowy cottage 6

snowy cottage 7

snowy cottage 8

6. This snowy home / cabin located in the woods somewhere in Washington was designed by DeForest Architects.

washington snowy modern cabin 1

washington snowy modern cabin 2

washington snowy modern cabin 3

washington snowy modern cabin 4

washington snowy modern cabin 6

7. This isolated cabin located in the middle of nowhere in the Alps designed by Architects AFGH looks so comfy.

winter house in alps 1

winter house in alps 2

winter house in alps 3

winter house in alps 4

winter house in alps 5

8. This awesome mansion located in Estonia designed by 3+1 Architects.

mansion covered in snow 1

mansion covered in snow 2

mansion covered in snow 3

9. This minimal residence located in Pound Ridge, New York, USA, designed by Method Design Architecture + Urbanism PLLC.

snowy house minimal retreat 1

snowy house minimal retreat 2

snowy house minimal retreat 3

snowy house minimal retreat 4

10. This incredible chalet designed by Nicolás del Rio and Max Núñes.

chalet c7 cabin 1

chalet c7 cabin 2

chalet c7 cabin 3

chalet c7 cabin 4

chalet c7 cabin 5

chalet c7 cabin 6

chalet c7 cabin 7

chalet c7 cabin 8

chalet c7 cabin 9

h/t Airows