The 10 Weirdest Collections in the World

These people enjoy collecting some of the weirdest things in the world, from huge collections of toenail clippings to their own belly button fluff, here are the 10 weirdest collections in the world.

Belly Button Fluff

45-year-old Graham Barker from Perth, Australia has been collecting his own belly button fluff since 1984. He currently has the largest known collection in the world despite the fact that he only has 22.1 grams of the stuff.

Airline Sick Bags

Pictured above is Niek Vermeulen from the Netherlands. His collection actually started as a bet with a friend when they promised to see who could accumulate the most of one item in order to register a world record.

He has now accumulated 6,016 airline barf-bags from over 1,142 different airlines. Something tells us he won.

Traffic Cones

David Morgan from the UK has a traffic cone collection totalling 137 different traffic cones and owns a cone from about two thirds of all the types that have ever been made.


Grigori Fleicher takes the world record for the largest collection of toothbrushes. As of November 2008 he had 1,320 toothbrushes, so we can only imagine how many he has now 6 years on.

Chicken-Related Items

Joann and Cecil Dixon of Elkhart County have spent the last 40 years just collecting chicken related items. Those items include chicken planters, chicken ornaments, chicken welcome mats, chicken fridge magnets and the list goes on.

They now have more than 6,505 chicken-related items.

Back Scratchers

This is Manfred S. Rothstein, a dermatologist by day and a back scratcher collector by night. In total he has 675 back scratchers from 71 different countries. Next time you have an itch you just can’t reach, get in contact with this guy.

Toenail Clippings

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, this happens. It’s not a personal collection of toenail clippings though which is something at least. This medically driven collection aims to use the clippings to research into diseases such as cancer.

It now has samples from over 30,000 samples from different individuals.

“Do Not Disturb” Hotel Signs

They are at every hotel and free to take with you if you want, so why hasn’t anyone else done this sooner?. Since 1985 Jean-François Vernetti from Switzerland has managed to collect 11,111 different ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs from various hotels in 189 different countries.

Miniature Chairs

This is Barbara Hartsfield, and there is nothing small about her 3,000 strong collection of miniature chairs that she has been busy collecting for over 10 years. She has now opened a museum in Georgia after setting the world record in 2008.

Troll Dolls

Sherry Groom poses with just 3 of her 3,500 troll dolls. Each one of them is unique and is on display at the Arts for Alzheimer’s Gallery and Performing Arts Center in Alliance, Ohio. We wouldn’t want to spend the night there. Nope.

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