12 of the Worlds Most Beautifully Secluded Hideaways


Modern life is full of distractions that simply did not exist 30 years ago. If you want to get away from everything these days you will have to put down your phone, leave your house and go for a long walk out in the countryside.

Thats were these beautifully secluded hideaways come into play. They might not be mansions and palaces fit for a king, queen or a-list celebrity but they offer something that no other home can. Complete peace and isolation.

Bivacco Luca Vuerich

beautiful remote hideaway 1.1


A tiny A-frame cabin that is situated amongst the beautiful landscape of the Julian Alps which are 8,303 feet above ground. The hut sleeps 9 guests and is ideal for mountain hikers to get some well needed rest.


sledge project

beautiful remote hideaway 2

Looking like something out of Star Wars, these futuristic sleds were designed by Rob Sweere for an organisation that helps troubled children in their rehabilitation - allowing local hunters to pair up with them whilst the live and learn in the wilderness of Iceland.

The Pump House

pump house

beautiful remote hideaway 3

The Pump House was designed by Branch Studio Architects and is located in Victoria, Australia. The floor to ceiling windows let the sunshine poor through the buildings whilst the beautiful scenic location makes it perfect for nature lovers.

Fire Shelter

beautiful remote hideaway 4

fire shelter denmark

Located in Denmark the Fire Shelter is designed by Simon Hjermind Jensen and is heavily inspired by nomadic people. The egg like building gets its shape from flexible plywood. Inside the dome is a bench that forms around the curved structure with a fire in the middle.

Thailand Dome Home

beautiful remote hideaway 5

dome home

We have covered this cleverly designed house by Steve Areen before. The truly unique orange structure rather appropriately sits within a mango farm. The structure took just $6,000 and six weeks to construct.

Vega Cottage

beautiful remote hideaway 6

vegga cottage norway

This small grey cottage perfectly matches its harsh rocky surrounding in Trondelag, Norway. Designed by Kolman Boye Architects the large windows offer visitors a breathtaking view of the mountain range and ocean.


beautiful remote hideaway 7

This cocoon made of cedar strips was designed by AA Design & Make and is located in the South West England, U.K. It may lack size and space inside but makes up for it in its unique character and incredible craftsmanship.

Kekkila Garden Shed

beautiful remote hideaway 8


avanto architects

Not just your average shed, this structure designed by Avanto Architects in Finland offers an unrivalled view of the surrounding landscape whilst still retaining all the home comforts you could want.

Le Tronc Creux

beautiful remote hideaway 9

Le Tronc Creux

Located in France and designed by Bruit Du Frigo this log shaped hut can actually sleep up to nine people. Looks can be deceiving.

Tree Snake House

beautiful remote hideaway 10

tree snake house

You might have seen a few tree houses before, but probably nothing as well designed and put together as this one. The design which is by Rebelo De Andrade is heavily inspired by the form of a snake and rests between trees in a Portuguese resort park.

Lake Cottage

beautiful remote hideaway 11

lake cottage by uuife

Designed by Uufie in Canada this cottage is surrounded by the Ontario forest. Thanks to the clever use of mirrors the building reflects the surrounding trees creating a truly magical effect.

Studio For A Composer

beautiful remote hideaway 12

This small woodland retreat in Wisconsin, United States is made of exposed concrete and steel as well as glass and wood which gives it a modern feel that doesn't look out of place in it's more natural surroundings.

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