14 Hidden Things in Movies You've Never Noticed Before


You've probably seen most of these movies before.. they are all pretty well known, but you probably never spotted these little funny and ironic messages that the directors like to sneak in.

They have been right under our noses all this time. Here are 14 hidden things in movies that you've probably never noticed before.

1. The fruit on Einhorn's desk in Ace Ventura.

ace ventura


2. The hidden U.S. flag in Avatar.


Thats right. The entire film directed by James Cameroon was an analogy, which hopefully you already realised.

3. "That man is playing Galaga" in Avengers for a good reason.


avengers 1

Tony Stark laughs at a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent for playing the Namco classic but when you think about it.. the entire movie plot was based around blowing up a bug-like alien ship. Pretty clever.

4. The Lamborghini Scene from The Dark Knight

batmobile lambo in dark knight

Murciélago = Bat in Spanish. Woah.

5. The foreshadowed Catwoman in Batman Returns.

cat woman

Director Tim Burton is the master of visuals.

6. Disney covering themselves in the end credits of Frozen.

disney frozen

7.  Dr. Grants belt buckle in Jurassic Park has two female ends.

jurassic park 1

jurassic park

The story goes that scientists cloned dinosaurs by only breeding females. So there you go...

8. Epic footwear in Kill Bill.

kill bill

Read carefully.

9. The brilliant irony of the wardrobe choice in Happy Gilmore.


Probably the only subtle thing about any Adam Sandler movie.

10. Pac-Man appearing in Tron.

original tron movie

11.  The pavements in Team America are made of croissants.

streets of paris croissant 1

streets of paris croissant

Makes this film even better.

12. The "Red Dress" scene in the Matrix contains multiple twins.

the matrix

This was done deliberately as its a dumbed down simulation of the real matrix. Take a look and see if you can see the matching pairs of twins.

13. Nite-Owl saving the Wayne family in the opening to Watchmen


Notice the Batman posters on the far right and the Gotham posters in the background.

14. Two wizards getting it on in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

wizards getting it on

This map helps Harry see where people are in Hogwarts, so whats going on with these two pairs of feet?!.

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