The 16 Coolest Swings in the World

Growing up as a kid we all used to love going on the swings at the park, but why should growing up ruin all the fun. Swings are the one thing in the playground that even adults can just about get away with using. Who said that swings were only for playground though? as these photographs prove they come from locations all around the world, including some pretty scary ones.

Relaxing Beach Swing

Bedroom Swing

Billboard Swing

This bus stop:

Crazy Rope Swing

The Swing at the end of the World

Fire Pit Swing Benches

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Swing

Indoor Pool Swing

Natural Tree Swing

This Dad Nailing Parenting

Don’t Look Down Swing

Volcanic Explosion

Waterfall Swing

Swing With Disabled Access

h/t viralnova

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