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21 Creative Examples of Sushi Art

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This sushi art is so creative you would feel guilty for biting into it... but if you were like us you'd go ahead and eat it anyway. Here are 23 creative examples of sushi art.

sushi bullseye

source: ryumam.exblog.jp

sushi butterfly

source: fashpk.com

sushi crabs

source: oivietnam.com

sushi flower

source: blogher.com

sushi fly

source: a-vos-baguettes.blogspot.com

ush sushi

source: engadget.com

sushi frogs

sushi garden

source: flickr.com


source: spoon-tamago.com

sushi koala

source: flickr.com

sushi obama

source: modestosukiyaki.wordpress.com

sushi pandas

source: thingsideembloggable.blogspot.com

sushi pickachu

source: flickr.com

sushi portrait

source: spoon-tamago.com

sushi pumpkin

source: cocinajaponesa.tv

sushi rockets

source: ryumam.exblog.jp

sushi roses

source: blog.newtrent.com

sushi russian dolls

source: littlemissbento.com

sushi toy story

source: littlemissbento.com

sushi windows

source: labnol.blogspot.com

sushi whales

source: wamotenashi.com