21 Times Tumblr Made Us Love Cats Even More


As if cats weren't awesome enough already, along comes Tumblr and makes us love them even more. Here are 21 times Tumblr told us the truth about cats.

1. This catstagram

10yearold cousin

2. This cat selfie

best picture ever of cat

3. Firemen rescuing cats... then suddenly.

cat arsenist

4. The cat that is stoked as hell

cat is stoken

5. Flour on a cat = pure evil

cat murderer

6. Breading Fail

cat now hates me

7. Grey cat with hot friends

cat with hot friends

8. Concerned cat parents

concerned cats

9. Meh, fake gamer cats

fake gamer cats

10. Furry Potato

furry potato

11. Cats controlled by the government

government controlled cats

12. Kittens: Not a problem

kitten on desk

13. Lasers kill cats

laser chasing cats

14. Cats in liquid and solid form


15. No need for directions

no directions

16. After close inspection, turns out its not a cat

not a cat fail

17. How not to transport a cat

special delivery

18. What if cats were spiders?

spiders and cats

19. Summoning a demon in the kitchen

summoning satan

20. They cannot be told what to do

tell me how to live my life

21. And finally, what even are cats?

what even are cats

via Buzzfeed